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Ohio Prosecutor Says Criminals Preying on Seniors, Beware
  • Published: April 26, 2018

The Journal-News reports in the article, “105-year-old woman trying to help grandson gets scammed out of $4,800,” that Butler County Prosecutor Mike Gmoser remarked that “When you steal from the elderly you are looking at a felony, we are going to pay attention to that.” Assistant Prosecutor Gloria Sigman successfully prosecuted three scammers, a couple who scammed a 105-year-old grandmother out of $4,800…Read More

Michigan Legislature Looks at Medicaid Work Requirements
  • Published: April 25, 2018

Kiplinger’s recent article, “Medicare Doesn't Cover Hearing Aids but Retirees Have Options,” reminds us that hearing loss is so gradual, that you don't really recognize it until your hearing is impaired and it becomes quite bad. There's still a stigma attached for boomers about wearing hearing aids. As people age, they often don't recognize hearing decline or seek treatment for it. It takes…Read More

Talking With Parents About Their Retirement Planning
  • Published: April 23, 2018

A 2016 Fidelity study found that 38% of parents say they don't talk to their adult children about retiring, because the conversation never comes up. Motley Fool says in its recent article, “3 Tips for Talking to Your Parents About Retirement,” that the importance of having retirement talks with your parents can't be overstated. A Fidelity survey found that 93% of adult children…Read More

Estate Planning Is Critical, Especially With The New Tax Law
  • Published: April 20, 2018

The new tax law will greatly decreases the number of people who will be subject to the federal estate tax. This does not mean you don’t need an estate plan. In fact, you need to review your plan now. Forbes’ recent article, “7 Reasons To Revisit Your Estate Plan, Trump Tax Law Aside,” says that even if one’s estate is unlikely to be…Read More

  • Published: April 19, 2018

Judge John M. Bailey of the Court of Appeals of Texas recently wrote the opinion in the Court’s decision in the case of “In the Estate of Mathis,” which involved a dispute arising from mediated family settlement agreement. Michael Mathis appealed a decision from a contested probate proceeding that was resolved by a mediated family settlement agreement and mutual release. The decedent,…Read More

Caring For Mom And Dad From Far Away
  • Published: April 18, 2018

It’s not uncommon for families and friends to be separated by many miles and even many time zones. Even so, at some point in their lives, parents, grandparents or a loved one may require in-home care. Flagstaff Business News’ recent article, “How to Care for Loved Ones from Miles Away” reminds us that you could suddenly be faced with the challenge of long-distance…Read More

Are Contingent Beneficiaries Subject to Inheritance Tax on Life Insurance?
  • Published: April 17, 2018

Let’s say that you and your spouse both have life insurance policies of $500,000 on each other and have no children. Each spouse is named as the primary beneficiary on the other's policies, and the contingent beneficiaries are a brother and a niece. The issue that’s often raised, is whether the brother and the niece would be subject to the…Read More

Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney About a Trust
  • Published: April 16, 2018

Creating a trust can help assure that assets are distributed more quickly, bills are paid promptly and continuously and personal information about property and other assets remains private. The New York Times recently published an article, “Life After Your Death? Here’s Why You Should Have a Trust.” The article explained that trusts have often been thought of a way for wealthy people to…Read More

Guess What Your Biggest Expense Will Be in Retirement?
  • Published: April 13, 2018

Chances are that your biggest expense in retirement will be taxes. discussed this issue in its recent article, “5 retirement tax traps that could needlessly cost you thousands of dollars!” According to the article, you shouldn’t ignore the one thing that could have the greatest impact on your savings and investments: taxes. Here are some retirement tax traps that could needlessly cost…Read More

How Does the New Tax Law Help a Family with a Special Needs Child?
  • Published: April 12, 2018

The new tax law now permits money from a 529 plan to be rolled over into an ABLE account for children who have special needs, according to Kiplinger’s recent article, “How to Use College Savings to Benefit Children with Special Needs.” This year, a person can roll over up to $15,000, which includes any rollovers and new contributions to the ABLE account. But…Read More

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